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Customer Reviews & Feedback

We began with an Etsy shop and have gotten a lot of great feedback on our products since we opened.  Here is a sampling of some of our Etsy feedback as well as emails we have received (all are reprinted with permission):

Hand Cream

i love the texture of this!! it's like a mousse and isn't too oily, perfect for me! absorbs really quickly too.

Really feels good and my hands feel so much better in the mornings. Most times I can't even tell I have used lotion all night but this feels good. I have terrible eczema and my hands crack open and nothing heals them except steroid cream. I use lotion at night to try to prevent the breaks in my skin. So far I am impressed with how this works. Thank you for the super fast shipping.

Body Lotion

"Smells like heaven - the wonderful smell of lavender, but not overpowering. Really light and bright for a lavender-based lotion, plus moisturizes like a dream!" --L.V. Augusta, GA

"The fragrance-free lotion is a big hit in our house... my boyfriend has very dry hands from his work and the lotion works very well and also doesn't sting the areas where his skin is cracking. I love it too and want to buy some for my mom who works in a "fragrance-free" workplace!" --M. S. Portland, ME

"This body lotion is perfectly balanced. I can use it in the winter when my skin is really dry and it doesn't just disappear like some of the lighter lotions, but it also doesn't leave behind a greasy feeling like some of the heavier creams do. I also really like the grapefruit-vanilla scent. I've never smelled that combination before, and it's great." --J. B., Santa Fe, NM

After Shave

"Absolutely love your After Shave Cream, the best product by far I have ever used. I have very sensitive skin and get skin rashes easily. I love how it feels when you apply it with the Peppermint tingling sensation, it's great. Thanks so much for a great product." --D.C., Freeport, ME

Lip Balm

I've gotten friends addicted to Elise's lipbalms all over the country! Super delicious.

This is the second time I have ordered lip balm from Coast of Eden. Having tried nearly every other lip balm on the market, I can honestly say this is THE BEST stuff I have ever used. The flavors are absolutely fantastic, it stays on my lips, and it heals the chapped/cracked areas. I will keep ordering this stuff as long as you keep making it! Thank you!

Absolutely LOVE this chapstick! It's not goopy, gooey, or sticky, and it doesn't leave a weird residue on your lips like some chapsticks do. It's just a great moisturizing balm that goes on nicely and smells good enough to eat. Thanks!

The Chai Spice lip balm should be packaged as a stress-reliever lip balm. Just putting it on conjures the image of a cozy cafe and a heavenly cup of chai - wonderful! Plus, ALL the lip balms (I've tried 3 of Eden's varieties) moisturize beautifully without clumping on dry lips - smooth, leaving a healthy shine.

Shaving Soap

My fiance was very happy to get this in his stocking. We've both tried it and it's a great product. Gentle and fragrance-free, makes for a smooth shave.

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